Gary Beyer, Victoria BC

A Vibrant and energetic city with a great future.

Known the world over as a city full of charm, history and a west coast beauty, Victoria needs real leadership focused of Responsible Governance.

Celebrating Canada Day

Many years ago, a little more than a decade after the most devastating conflict the world had gone through, my father and separately my mother, immigrated to Canada from the country responsible for atrocities unimagined by civilized people.
On this, the 151st anniversary of a nations birth, in a land peopled by others for thousands of years, I would like to thank Canada for being a tolerant and welcoming nation.

While bigotry, and hatred do exist, and as we see south of us do not need much fuel to ignite and burn hot, I truly believe that we as a nation are better, and stronger in diversity of race, religion, color, gender, than others who demand assimilation. Nations that scream, be like us or get out.

For without Canada showing compassion, without a young nation welcoming others as her own, Canada would be a lesser country, and I would never have had the privilege of being a citizen.
Happy Birthday Canada, and Thank you.