Gary Beyer, Victoria BC

A Vibrant and energetic city with a great future.

Known the world over as a city full of charm, history and a west coast beauty, Victoria needs real leadership focused of Responsible Governance.

Stumbling Like a Child

As I sit at my desk on a Sunday morning (taking inventory) I have the opportunity to watch what appears to be a very high person stumbling about like a child first learning to walk - while trying to load his basket with spilled bottles and cans.

There are at most 6 cans and a few bottles.

The question burning itself through my brain is, what decisions were made? What circumstances in his life led to where he is today? It is with compassion that I must ask, at what point do we as a society need to, or should we, step in and say, you are a danger to yourself?

Can we as a society justify forcing help upon those who really can no longer make those decisions?