Gary Beyer, Victoria BC

A Vibrant and energetic city with a great future.

Known the world over as a city full of charm, history and a west coast beauty, Victoria needs real leadership focused of Responsible Governance.

Stop wasting money. Save the Crystal!

With an election now only a few months away, I find it very interesting that the city of Victoria and its Mayor and Council seem hell bent on trying to get as much money spent on a new pool as possible. With very little funding in place, and both Federal an Provincial funding not forthcoming at this time, would it not be better to stop, regroup and consult further with the community and stakeholders?

My personal preference is to renovate, and refurbish the pool we have. Not only does this save the taxpayer a rather large sum, (Can you say bridge), it's also the greener option, in that there will be a lot less waste ending up in the landfill. The Mayor and council tell us we need a community center for the area, add it to the the Crystal. We are told we need better equipment, then add better equipment. We are told we need new pumps and pipes and filtering? Then renew what we have.

The Crystal Pool has been a part of the fabric Victoria for almost half a century. It's a unique De Castri design. Let's save a bit of our 20th century heritage, and at the same time, lets save some money.