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Sir John A. MacDonald Firmly Embedded in Cultural Histories

Mayor Helps today announced the statue of John A MacDonald will be taken down from City Hall and put into storage as part of the Reconciliation between Victoria, and the Esquimalt and Songhees First Nations.

While reconciliation should always be at the forefront of council decision making processes, tearing down statues smells of censuring, if not entirely trying to re write history.
Sir John was a controversial person in the history of Canada, however, he is still a founding father of Confederation. And yes, also a symbol of oppression and colonialism, that should never be forgotten.

By the very definition of who Sir John A. MacDonald is, the Father of Canada, he is firmly embedded in two cultural histories.

Gary Beyer
Candidate for Mayor
City of Victoria

Stop wasting money. Save the Crystal!

With an election now only a few months away, I find it very interesting that the city of Victoria and its Mayor and Council seem hell bent on trying to get as much money spent on a new pool as possible. With very little funding in place, and both Federal an Provincial funding not forthcoming at this time, would it not be better to stop, regroup and consult further with the community and stakeholders?

My personal preference is to renovate, and refurbish the pool we have. Not only does this save the taxpayer a rather large sum, (Can you say bridge), it's also the greener option, in that there will be a lot less waste ending up in the landfill. The Mayor and council tell us we need a community center for the area, add it to the the Crystal. We are told we need better equipment, then add better equipment. We are told we need new pumps and pipes and filtering? Then renew what we have.

The Crystal Pool has been a part of the fabric Victoria for almost half a century. It's a unique De Castri design. Let's save a bit of our 20th century heritage, and at the same time, lets save some money.

Do we have a homeless problem?

While I am a firm believer in the adage that we are our brother’s keeper, and that as a society, we are defined by how well we take care of those who for many reasons may end up on the street or in the care of societies doing great work in Victoria. I am also of the belief that we need to separate them from those who would take advantage of what we as society have to give, thus detracting from limited resources.

Do we have a homeless problem? Yes.

Are there those that abuse our generosity? Yes.

The Welcome mat can only be extended so far. I think we are at that point.

Celebrating Canada Day

Many years ago, a little more than a decade after the most devastating conflict the world had gone through, my father and separately my mother, immigrated to Canada from the country responsible for atrocities unimagined by civilized people.
On this, the 151st anniversary of a nations birth, in a land peopled by others for thousands of years, I would like to thank Canada for being a tolerant and welcoming nation.

While bigotry, and hatred do exist, and as we see south of us do not need much fuel to ignite and burn hot, I truly believe that we as a nation are better, and stronger in diversity of race, religion, color, gender, than others who demand assimilation. Nations that scream, be like us or get out.

For without Canada showing compassion, without a young nation welcoming others as her own, Canada would be a lesser country, and I would never have had the privilege of being a citizen.
Happy Birthday Canada, and Thank you.

Elsner Process in Question for Years

Mayor Helps; people have been asking questions about Chief Elsner for two years.

Please tell us the whole story and quit hiding behind euphemisms like "I'm frustrated too, I'm a tax payer too."

Please lay out your entire process, all allegations and a full reasoning for not firing a person whom we all agree, and based on your letter of reprimand that never saw light of day, was not only engaging in behavior unbecoming a top public official, but also was sexually harassing his female staff, oh and that we still paid him until recently?

Shame on Mayor Helps.

Plastic Bag Ban a Joke

Victoria's ban on single use bags is a joke.

To ban what essentially is a multi use product while still allowing truly single use (small plastics that wrap and separate your produce etc.) is much too focused. Let's develop a strategy to not only phase out the use of as many plastics as possible, (shorter and longer terms) and also step up on educating people in how to reduce a plastic foot print.

At the same time we as a society, and in Victoria as a community, need to make recycling of plastics easier.

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